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Journey back in time to a world where myth is reality, where fairies and centaurs, merfolk and elves, angels and demons walk the earth, and magic is created from the elements.

But all is not peaceful here. Legend has it that many centuries ago, there was an enormous tragedy called the Great Flash. Nobody knows what caused it, only that untold numbers of lives were lost.

The magical races have been at odds with each other, and with humans, for centuries. Tensions are coming to a head, the Gods are angry, and the elements have been thrown out of balance due to war and pollution. Now, an ancient prophecy has surfaced that says if the balance of the elements is not restored, the very same tragedy that occurred so long ago could happen all over again.

Incantare is a panfandom roleplaying game set in an alternative version of this world. Your character can be a member of any of the magical races – a vampire, djinn, or unicorn – or a human wizard or sorcerer. Wield the elements of your specialty, interact with members of your own and other races, and try to restore peace to the earth – before time runs out.

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